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Exclusive Interview with Chris Temple: Exploring the Potential of Precious Metals

Chris Temple, The National Investor
Chris Temple-Precious Metals is thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Chris Temple, a true disruptor in the investment and economic world, as we explore the potential of precious metals. With a career spanning five decades, Chris Temple has established himself as a writer, educator, and a trusted voice in the industry. His unique ability to demystify complex market intricacies and make them accessible to the average person has earned him widespread respect and admiration.

Through his publication, The National Investor, Chris has consistently demonstrated his astute “macro” calls on the broad markets and his talent for uncovering early investment opportunities across various sectors. He lives by his motto: “You can get information anywhere… here, you get knowledge.”

Join us as we delve into this enlightening interview, where Chris Temple imparts his wisdom, shares his views on the precious metals market, and provides valuable insights for investors seeking to make informed decisions. It’s an opportunity to gain knowledge from a seasoned professional who has made it his mission to empower individuals with the understanding they need to navigate the complexities of the investment world.

Stay tuned for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation with Chris Temple, as we explore the potential of precious metals and uncover the strategies to maximize wealth in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

Why should investors consider adding precious metals to their investment portfolio?

Precious Metals Chris Temple

Chris Temple explains that since the “modern” age of an actual market for gold began in 1971, it has consistently outperformed other major asset classes. He emphasizes that gold’s performance is likely to continue in the future as fiat currencies are constantly being increased by monetary authorities worldwide.

What are the key factors that influence the price of precious metals, such as gold and silver?

Chris Temple highlights that the factors influencing precious metals have evolved with changing societal dynamics. He refers to his publication, “This is NOT Your Father’s Gold Market!” and explains that the smaller investor base for precious metals necessitates the alignment of various drivers, such as central bank policies and underperforming asset classes, for a substantial impact on prices.

How do precious metals perform during times of economic uncertainty or market volatility?

Chris Temple acknowledges that precious metals, particularly gold, have not performed as well as they used to during periods of economic uncertainty or market volatility. While gold experienced a favorable year in 2022 due to geopolitical tensions, other asset classes, such as energy, responded more robustly. He notes that the typical investor today is less likely to turn to gold as their primary choice.

Drivers of Gold Demand

What are the different ways to invest in precious metals, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?

Chris Temple distinguishes between investing in precious metals as a safe haven and as an investment. He suggests that for the average investor, inexpensive bullion options for gold and silver should be pursued for safe-haven purposes. In terms of investment, Temple advises investors to focus on individual companies with compelling narratives, although he cautions that many factors have made precious metals-related equities less rewarding in recent times.

Are there any specific market indicators or trends that investors should monitor when considering investing in precious metals?

Gold vs Russia's reserves

Chris Temple suggests that a crucial indicator to monitor is the state of real interest rates. He believes that the next significant rise in precious metals prices will likely occur when central banks reduce interest rates, even in the presence of elevated inflation.

What are the potential risks associated with investing in precious metals, and how can investors mitigate those risks?

According to Chris Temple, one of the major risks lies in following unreliable sources of information that propagate sensationalist views without a deep understanding of the markets. He advises investors to seek guidance from experts with a track record of accuracy and honesty. Temple mentions that he recently recommended short positions in the precious metals space to hedge against individual stocks, demonstrating the importance of well-informed decision-making.

Chris Temple

Are there any tax implications or considerations that investors should be aware of when investing in precious metals?

Chris Temple acknowledges that there are various tax implications depending on the specific type of precious metal holding. He recommends using tax-favored self-directed vehicles for trading swings in precious metals, such as mining stocks and ETFs, to ensure that any trading gains are not currently taxable.

How do precious metals compare to other investment options, such as stocks, bonds, or real estate, in terms of long-term returns and diversification benefits?

Chris Temple emphasizes that precious metals can serve as effective diversifiers in an investment portfolio, particularly during periods of expansionary monetary policies and negative real interest rates. However, he also points out that the average generalist investor today does not consider precious metals as their go-to investment option due to demographic changes, cultural shifts, and the availability of a wider range of investment choices.

Silver as an investment

What role can precious metals play in a well-rounded investment strategy?

According to Chris Temple, the role of precious metals in a well-rounded investment strategy varies based on the specific metal. Gold, primarily, serves as a hedge against crises and an asset to protect against the inevitable increase in money printing. On the other hand, silver and other precious metals, such as platinum group metals (PGMs), have significant industrial and green energy applications, making them attractive for different purposes.

Are there any particular challenges or opportunities in the current market environment that investors should be aware of when considering investing in precious metals?

Chris Temple concludes by highlighting that the investment landscape has undergone significant changes since the remarkable surge in gold prices during its first decade of freely floating prices. He advises investors to consider precious metals based on the perceptions of generalist investors rather than the narratives promoted by gold bug enthusiasts. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the broader investment landscape and the participation of non-gold bug investors to gauge the potential opportunities and challenges in the precious metals market.

An Enlightening Interview With Chris Temple

Chris Temple, The National Investor

In this enlightening interview, Chris Temple provides valuable insights into the world of precious metals investments. He highlights the historical outperformance of gold and explains the factors that influence the prices of precious metals in the modern age. Temple cautions investors about the changing dynamics of the market and the reduced interest in precious metals among generalist investors. Nevertheless, he advises investors to consider precious metals for their diversification benefits and as a hedge against crises and expansionary monetary policies. It is crucial to stay informed, rely on reliable sources of information, and monitor indicators such as real interest rates when making investment decisions in the precious metals space. By understanding the role and potential risks associated with precious metals, investors can navigate this unique asset class and make informed investment choices.

For those seeking further insights into precious metals and other investment strategies, Chris Temple can be reached at or by visiting his website, There, you will find a treasure trove of resources and expert analysis to guide your investment decisions. is a trusted partner for investors looking to build long-term wealth through precious metal investments. Our team offers valuable insights and resources to help clients navigate the complexities of the precious metals market. Our mission is to help individuals achieve financial security through knowledge and diversification. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, we are committed to helping you reach your financial goals. Download Agusta Precious Metals FREE Gold IRA Guide today to learn more about how we can help you build wealth with precious metals.

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